Green Your Booth

Eco-Fair event is a great opportunity for vendors to educate community members on how to make their businesses and personal lives more sustainable. One of the ways we can do that is by “greening” our booths at the fair. Eco-conscious booths both educate participants and mitigate the environmental impact of an event this size. Please see our tips below for greening your booths.

  1. Booth Structure
  • Use reused or recycled materials to create your booth
  • Use local resources to create your booth
  1. Handouts
  • Use unbleached paper with a high percentage of post-consumer recycled content
  • Print double-sided pages
  • Print your handouts with veggie-based inks
  • Please limit use fluorescent paper, which is difficult to recycle
  • Please ensure any give-aways are made from recycled materials, have limited/no packaging, and/or can be reused.
  1. Energy Usage
  • Avoid using electricity at your booth if possible
  • Offset your pollution due to travel and/or energy use through carbon offsets (or other ways)
  • Use a fuel efficient vehicle (or carpool) to transport booth to the fair
  1. Creativity
  • Try to weave creativity and artistic flair into your booth
  • Be imaginative and innovative as you follow EcoFair’s guiding principle of “simple and sustainable”
  1. Social Responsibility
  • Incorporate community and social responsibility into your booth theme
  • Volunteer your time to help us break-down the fair at 5pm

A few final notes on greening your booth:

  • Please bring your own mug and/or water bottle.
  • At the end of the day, please help us recycle and provide feedback on how we can better green next year’s EcoFair!

Thank you!