The colleagues, friends, and family of Andy Tyson are pleased to announce the fifth Andy Tyson Leadership Award in Sustainability (ATLAS) and the opening of the Award’s nomination process. This peer-based award recognizes an outstanding individual from the Teton region for their efforts in local, community-oriented environmental sustainability projects within the Tetons’ built environment. Recipients are recognized each May at the Jackson EcoFair, an event that Andy helped start in the early 2000s. This year, we will recognize both the 2021 and 2022 winners at EcoFair on May 14. 

Nominations will open on March 15 and close on May 11. 

The ATLAS committee looks forward to receiving applications again in 2022 and providing the community with the opportunity to publicly recognize the efforts of citizens like Andy who are working hard to achieve sustainability in the Tetons’ built environment.


About Andy:

Andy was a leader in ushering thoughtful and sustainable living into everyday life. His expertise was broad and his passion was infectious. He filled many roles including; technical expert, a community organizer, a life-long learner, a passionate volunteer, and a caring friend, partner, and spouse.  

“Advocating for renewable energy and sustainability in our greater region isn’t easy, but that never stopped Andy from rolling up his sleeves and trying incredibly hard, whether working to create Teton Valley’s first net metering program, attending burgeoning sustainability events all over the area or fighting for solar’s place in Idaho’s energy portfolio,” says his wife, Molly Tyson. “Andy was the ultimate diplomat. His easy going, manner, science based approach and total professionalism helped create bridges between diverse sectors in the sustainability world.”